Emporia – The Marketing Hub

Aims & Objective:

  • It aims to keep students align with the latest marketing strategies and the emerging trends.


  • Emporia organizes different events ranging from marketing activities to guest lectures by industry experts.
  • We offer an opportunity to the students to hone their business talents and make them utilize it in a positive manner.
  • We counsel students about the basic knowledge of the economic and business climate in today’s world which can help them to delve into business successfully.

How Do We Work?

  • We act as a hub to develop valuable networks with business minded people, through which students can identify challenges, find support and achieve their objectives.


  • The Student body will be elected by the mutual consent of students and management.

The Suggested Roles of the Marketing Hub:

  • President: The responsibility of President is to lead and support events in a timely and professional manner. He is responsible for presiding over monthly meetings of the Emporia. He will prepare agenda and schedule of major activities in Campus.
  • Vice President: The Vice President is responsible for supporting President to achieve the major goals of Emporia. He will keep in touch with the media cell for the promotion of activities.
  • Coordinator: The Coordinator keeps a record of meetings, events and any decisions taken by the President. He is responsible for circulating the agenda either before the meeting or after meeting so that it will be easy to raise a matter for discussion with the student body.
  • Treasurer: The treasurer is responsible for managing all the financial matters and prudence of Emporia He should keep complete record of financial matters.
  • Ambassador: The Ambassador is responsible for promoting positive impact of Emporia on every forum.
  • Social Media Executive: The Social media Executive is responsible for promoting Emporia on all social media platforms

Students will be divided into four zones:

  • South Zone
  • East Zone
  • West Zone
  • North Zone
  • Each zone should come up with business plan which is feasible and profitable.
  • In the end we will compare the performance of all zones and the best zone will be awarded by the end of the year.