Course Description

In today’s digital age, visual communication and media arts are vital aspects of our world. AIMS institution offers a comprehensive program that equips students with the skills, knowledge, and practical experience to thrive in the dynamic fields of design and media arts, including animation courses in Karachi.

Why Choose AIMS institution’s Media Arts Program?

Cutting-Edge Curriculum: Our program covers the latest trends, including graphic design, multimedia arts, digital illustration, web development, animation, video production, and emerging technologies.

Hands-On Experience: Access to state-of-the-art design studios and software empowers students to bring their creative ideas to life and build a strong portfolio.

Expert Faculty: Our faculty, experienced professionals, provide mentorship and real-world insights.

Industry Connections: We facilitate internships, workshops, and networking events, offering exposure to the industry and potential employers.

Diverse Career Opportunities: Graduates can pursue roles as graphic designers, multimedia artists, video producers, web developers, and more.

Program Highlights

Core Subjects: Cover graphic design principles, digital illustration, video production, web development, and animation for a strong foundation in design and media arts.

Specialization Options: Tailor your education to your creative path with specializations in animation, advertising, and multimedia arts.

Creative Projects: Showcase your talents and enhance employability by working on real-world projects. 

Soft Skills: Develop essential skills such as creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, and effective communication.

Admissions and Eligibility

Applicants need a minimum of 45% marks in their intermediate or equivalent education for admission.

AIMS institution’s Design and Media Arts program prepares students for creative success. With a forward-thinking curriculum, experienced faculty, practical experience, and industry connections, we’re your ideal partner for a prosperous career in design and media arts, including animation courses in Karachi. Apply now to explore a world of creative possibilities and unlock a rewarding career. Your journey to an exciting and rewarding career in design and media arts starts here!

The duration of this B.Design course is 4 years.

Eligibility criteria: Minimum 45% required as per HEC and UoK criteria

B.DESIGN Media Arts & Films

Semester – I

Sr. No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
1VS-300.1Language & Communication Skills – English2+ 0
2VS-311Drawing1 + 2
3VS-321Basic Design 2 D1 + 2
4VS-331 Visual Communication Skills 1 + 2
5VS-341Basic Design 3 D1 + 2
6VS-351 History of Ideas2 + 0
Total Credit Hours16

Semester – II

Sr. No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
1VS-312 MAIslamic Studies2+ 0
2VS-312 MADrawing1 + 2
3VS-322 MACreative Writing1 + 2
4VS-332 MA Digital Skills 1 + 2
5VS-342 MA3D Design1 + 2
6VS-352 History of Cultures2+0
Total Credit Hours 16

Semester – III

Sr. No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
1VS-400.1Language & Communication Skills – Urdu2 + 0
2VS-411 MACamera I0 + 3
3VS-421 MAPre-Production Skills0 + 3
4 VS-431 MA Introduction to Illustration0 + 3
5VS-441 MA Set Design & Construction 0 + 2
6VS-451 MA History of Film & Television 3 + 0
7 VS-451 History of Ideas II2 + 0
Total Credit Hours 18

Semester – IV

Sr. No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
1VS-400.1 (L)Language & Communication Skills2+0
2VS-400.2 (PS)Pakistan Studies0+3
3VS-412 MAMA Camera II0+3
4VS-422 MAWriting for Film & Television I0+2
5VS-432 MAIntroduction to Photography0+2
6VS-442 MAArt Direction0+2
7VS-452 MASound Recording0+3
VS-452 History of Ideas III2+0
Total Credit Hours 18

Semester – V

Sr. No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
1VS-511History of Ideas IV2+0
VS-511 MAEditing Basics0+2
2VS-521 MA Lighting 0+2
3VS-531 MA Writing for Film & Television II 2+0
4VS-541 MA Reading Media I2+0
5VS-561 IA Islamic Art and Civilization2+0
+6 from Minor Total Credit Hours18

Semester – VI

Sr. No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
1VS-552History of Ideas V2+0
2VS-512 MAAdvanced Editing & Sound Design 0+3
3VS-512 MAAnimation I0+2
4VS-512 MADirecting I0+3
5VS-562 GD Sociology2+0
+6 from Minor Total Credit Hours 18

Semester – VII

Sr. No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
1VS-611 MADirecting II0+3
2VS-621 MA Animation II0+3
3VS-631 MA Reading Media II2+0
4VS-631 Dissertation3+0
Total Credit Hours 17

Semester – VIII

Sr. No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
1VS-612 MAFinal Project0+12
2VS-622 MAInternship0+2
3VS-642 MA Marketing 2+0
Total Credit Hours 16

Fee Structure