Aims & Objective:

  • AIMS media cell is responsible for maintaining good image of AIMS on all media forums.
  • Promoting the good image of Institute on all public forums
  • Running Promotion Campaigns
  • Writing and producing press release and video packages
  • Analyzing media coverage of all events
  • Keeping and maintaining records of all extracurricular activities of AIMS published/broadcast on print, electronic or new media

The Suggested Roles of Media Cell:

  • R.O: The responsibility of P.R.O is to lead and support events in a timely and professional manner.
  • Secretary: The responsibility of secretary is to proof read and circulate press release to media houses.
  • Official Media Spoke Person: The official spoke person is responsible for communicating to people and media persons the work done by AIMS.
  • Photographer: The photographer is responsible for taking pictures and videos of all events.
  • Coordinator: The responsibility of coordinator is to guide students in writing press release and making packages.
  • Interns: Students will get certificate of internship by the end of the year.