Design Media Arts &Animation acknowledges the growing importance of visual communication in business, industry, leisure, broadcasting and cultural exchange. Students select one of the three pathways: Graphic Design, Film or Animation. Graphic Design includes advertising, information graphics, typography, packaging, printmaking, printing -press technology, photography, illustration, computer graphics and editorial design. Film focuses on Film and Television production including camera, pre/post production, animation, photography, illustration and marketing. Animation includes digital animation and cel animation, modeling, character rigging and concept development. Seminars and a strong theory component ensures awareness of cultural issues and responsible practice within existing socio-economic contexts.

Career opportunities for Design & Media Arts:

Advertising, Exhibition Design, Information Graphics, Publishing, Editorial Design, Signage, Illustration, Photography, Creative Management, Animation, Motion Graphics, Film & Television Production. Creativity, which involves the ability to develop original, innovative ideas, is encouraged throughout the curriculum with an emphasis on concept-oriented design solutions.