Pak-Center for Social Development (PCSD)

The Pak-Center for Social Development (PCSD) is a social welfare society instituted with a purpose to serve the country in varying capacities.

In accordance with the clause III-e of the Memorandum of Association under Registration Act 1860, the society has established Aawaz Institute of Media Sciences (AIMS) in affiliation with the University of Karachi to impart education and training in media, gradually leading to higher degrees in media studies in future.

Media Revolution in Pakistan

With the advent of free flow of news and colorful entertainment around 2002, private television channels ventured to revolutionize the whole media environment and aroused interest in the important every day affairs after a deep freeze of nearly half a century.

Need of Modern and Balanced Media Education

Conscious of the on-going media revolution in Pakistan and the growing need of trained and well oriented media professionals, the Pak Center for Social Development – PCSD is taking a giant leap with the establishment of a state of art center of excellence for the media education through Aawaz Institute of Media Sciences (AIMS).

This seat of learning is the first academic unit of PCSD which has a comprehensive plan to set up similar centers for various other professional disciplines. The Aawaz Institute will In-shaa-Allah, be a place of vastly required and of a very different kind of education in the field of mass communication including but not limited to journalistic writings, radio and television production, advertising & PR and media research.

The Institute’s BS Degree in Mass Communication, being established in affiliation with the University of Karachi, would mean an uncompromising standard of education enriched with practical training.

Responsible Media Practitioners Not the Skilled Robots

The Aawaz Institute is taking lead in a very special kind of media education. Our motto is not just the skill and not just the theory. So far media education in the country has remained a subject of an untiring debate and controversy between the working journalists and the Departments of Mass Communication and Media Sciences at various Universities. With a few exceptions, many Universities lack modern facilities for practical training. The Aawaz Institute is designed to focus on the truth so obviously undeniable is the argument about the necessity of meaningful practical training. The objective of media education here is to contribute what has been missing all along, it is the needed combination:

Theory + Vigorous Practical training + Research

Every graduate from the AIMS will be the torch bearer of this motto.

National Awards

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Best Teachers

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